Beth Elliott


Beth McKee Elliott, also known as Betty McKnit, is a crochet and knitting designer, instructor, community leader, and Master Somatic Movement Therapist and Educator. Her signature style, 6-Day Crochet, is showcased in the viral crochet patterns the 6-Day Kid Blanket and 6-Day Star Blanket.

Beth/Betty is passionate about designing quick, adaptable, and captivating projects while being accessible to assist crafters in bringing their dream projects to life.

She specializes in Somatic Crochet and Knitting, mindfulness practices that combine crochet/knitting with body awareness techniques to promote well-being and creativity in crafting.

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Crochet and Knitting Design and Instruction, 6-Day Crochet, The Betty McKnitiverse Community, Somatics for Crocheters and Knitters

Our Latest News

Join me every month for a free Somatic Crochet Self-Care check in, where we meet in a safe space to learn somatic practices to support our crochet practices. We focus on
1) physical exercises to keep our hands and bodies healthy during long crochet and knitting sessions
2) mindfulness practices to enhance the therapeutic benefits of crochet and knitting for mental health
3) increased intentionality towards our creations to maximize our joy in our work

These gathering will be a supportive environment to share our creativity and enjoy connection with like-minded crafters.
Somatic Crochet and Somatic Knitting are elevated crafting experiences that combine the therapeutic benefits of needles, hooks, and yarn with mindfulness, body awareness techniques to prevent pain and injury, and intentional practices to maximize joy and creativity.

Meetings are held over zoom, registration is required.