Chanel Beauchamp-Snyder

Amigurumi Crochet Designer

At cbfiberworks, my mission is to help crocheters gain confidence, build skills, and explore their creativity through clear, customizable and fun amigurumi patterns. With the help of video tutorials, articles and guides, crocheters of all skill levels will be able to not only make my patterns, but create unique creatures that show off individual style while having fun along the way.

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I specialize in amigurumi patterns, specifically animals with a focus on building a crocheter's skills with each pattern. I'm also an amigurumi blogger and I write tutorials, articles, and product reviews to help crocheters grow in their amigurumi-making journey.

Our Latest News

In 2024, I'm working on my 'Pattern Revamp Series' where I'm taking a fresh look at my old patterns and giving them some TLC. The goal is to get all of my patterns updated and leveled up to my new pattern standards by the end of the year. Along the way, I'm creating new tutorials, writing articles and sharing my learning process.

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